About Us

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About Bakes n Bites

Bakes n Bites has a variety of sweet bakes including Cakes, Muffins, Puffs, Swiss rolls, Cookies, chocolate brownies and Cheesecakes that your customers will love.

All our cakes are freshly baked using the finest ingredients sourced from healthy organic sources. No preservatives are used.

Our 6 & 8 inch Pandan Chiffon Cake is made using chorophyll extracted from fresh pandan leaves is a must-try for your customers, they would love it's amazing aroma, texture and the natural chorophyll flavour.

At Bakes n Bites, we are committed to making freshly baked, delectable cakes that everyone will love. That’s a promise.


We also bake cakes for special events or occasions such as small parties, home gatherings, or any happy occasions to celebrate amazing achievements.

Something savoury instead, try our

1. Puff Pasties - 2 sizes available for your gatherings, parties, meeting, etc...

2. Shepherd’s Pie.  The ingredients are abundance. Our Shepherds’ Pies are freshly made filled with fresh mashed US Russet potatoes, savoury meat chunks and vegetables which is perfect for a hearty meal.

Wine and dine article:  https://wineanddine.com.sg/industry/bakes-n-bites/

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